Tooth Whitening

There is nothing new about teeth whitening. It is a simple procedure to improve your smile and give you dazzling white teeth.

Dra. Tatiana Luebke

What is new here is the variety of techniques we can use, reducing dramatically the discomfort and the time to achieve even greater results than ever before.

There are two main options for teeth whitening treatment: In-Office teeth whitening can be done in just one quick and convenient hour. But if you don't have an hour to spare to sit in the dentist's chair and have your teeth whitening treatment professionally applied, there is the take-home teeth whitening option. The main difference between them is the concentration of the solution used and the time to achieve the final result.

Teeth that discolor following root canal treatment will require internal tooth bleaching. Root canal treatment can stain the tooth from the inside due to the presence of blood or other materials used during the treatment. In such cases, we need to bleach the tooth from the inside. The bleach will be left in the tooth for a certain period of the time, generally for one week or so, and the procedure is usually done repeatedly.

Your confidence and appearance will change drastically!